Can high blood pressure be treated naturally?

Can high blood pressure be treated naturally? Some natural supplements may help lower blood pressure. Here are some of the main supplements: Aged garlic extract, Berberine, Whey protein, Fish oil, Red yeast rice, Hibiscus, basil, cinnamon, ginger, hawthorn, lavender, cat's claw, CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10), omega 3 oils, L-arginine, Potassium and magnesium.

Dietary aides are natural products which are taken orally and are intended to supplement the diet. Dietary aides are usually added to, or supplemental to, food or are consumed as a supplement. They are used as disinfectants, anti-microbial agents, tissue growth promoters, antioxidant and endocrine agents,  and protect against toxins and carcinogens. high blood pressure

It is believed that an underactive thyroid, known as goiter, may be one of the causes of increased number of people diagnosed with various cancers, thyroid goiter being one of the most common. The function of the thyroid is to promote the production of two hormones: thyroxine and also triiodothyronine. An imbalance of these hormones has been linked to a number of cancers: breast, ovarian, colon and prostate. Dietary aides can help in countering the effects of the thyroid gland.

Many herbs and plants are capable of enhancing the immune system, which is the first line of defense against bacteria and other disease causing agents. and some herbs have even been successfully used as antibiotics. There are nine herbs that are known as anti-cancer herbs, they are cayenne, chilies, garlic, ginger, oregano, rosemary and thyme. Other helpful herbs that fight inflammation include cumin, ginger and turmeric.

Herbs are the if treatments to help reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, they help to eliminate toxins from the body as well as suppress desires it self harm. There are specific herbs that are effective in combating arthritis:

There are many benefits to drinking herbal teas and eating foods that contain essential oils, one of these is cayenne. The herb contains a compound called capsaicin, which is said to be the key to its effectiveness. Other herbs with antioxidant properties include essential oils of lemon, orange, tea apple and of course, cayenne. Tumeric is one of the very best known supplements, along with bushmary and myrrh. These herbs cleanse and purifies the blood, they help reduce inflammation and pain, they help the heart, they are also effective in reliving menstrual pains, they are known to be good for the aids, they also help in preventing over weight conditions, asthma, bronchitis, they also combat premature aging and curfumes.

In conclusion, if you want to improve your cardiovascular system, add oils and herbs to your diet that help reduce blood pressure. You also improve the overall health of your body by adding omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber and vitamin supplements to your daily regime.

Substitute oils with butter, margarine or mayo for crisp-breads, sandwiches and all types of breads;

Use olive oil and canola oil as restokes instead of butter, they are more healthful;

Omit the use of margarine, as they are processed partially hydrogenated vegetable oil,

Avoid trans fats, in their disguises, by moving out of the foods to take on the Trans fats, that have been transformed into synthetic transfats.

Avoid saturated and trans fats, as they have been associated with raised risk of heart disease and many other diseases;

Cut back on high-fat foods such as potato chips, for example, they make up a large proportion of the total calories from fat;

Snack foods, especially, consume a lot of empty calories, as they are made of mostly commercial fats, and not whole, nettle, corn, sunflower or grapeseed oils;

Fish are the best, high source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are the fats that nature uses to make you healthy.

Meat, chicken and fish should be eaten three or more times a week;

Organic, free-range (preferably organic) meats, poultry and eggs, as they have much better health benefits.

Nuts and seeds are high in fat but also in protein;

Some oils are not as healthy for you if you cook them, such as palm oil, they have lots of saturated fat;

And drinks should be avoided as much as possible, as there are many chemicals and substances in them that are not good for you.