What does vitamin A do in the human body?

If you’re looking to use them to boost your own health, it’s important to make sure you take the right vitamins supplements to get the results you’re after. 

Vitamin A is a key nutrient for strengthening immune system function, maintaining healthy skin and sight, and for helping the body to deal with inflammation. It is also necessary for supporting the body so that we can receive the most nutrition from the foods that we eat.

Vitamin A helps make skin appear healthy and protect it from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Vitamin A helps us to be able to see in dim light and is essential for proper bone growth and tooth development. Vitamin A helps us to be able to use vitamin C and has important vitamin status for the proper metabolism of a cell. Vitamin A helps in the building and maintaining of epithelial cells that are the primary immune cells that protect our body from invading microorganisms.

In its simplest, most pure form, vitamin A is a fat-soluble substance that can normally be found in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A can be destroyed by heat, so most vitamin A nutrition supplements, particularly liquid vitamin A, are produced in a vitamin lab. Vitamin C is essential to the production of healthy skin, as well as the collagen that supports skin structure. Together they create a substance known as skin gloss, which helps moisture retention.

Most vitamin A nutrition supplements are addressing the effects of both UV and UVB rays. UVB rays can cause potential cancer, and ultraviolet light has been linked to skin cancer. Additionally, outdoor activities obviously create exposure to ultraviolet radiation, so children and adults should keep this in mind when purchasing or prescribing vitamin A nutrition supplements.

Overall, vitamin A nutrition supplements are extremely important for good health. There are numerous metabolic and genetic factors that influence our levels of vitamin A, but typically, we don't need to know each and every one of those factors in order to maintain healthy vitamin intake. Knowledge of the typical adult body condition and how that may relate to a vitamin intake of vitamin A nutrition supplements is the key to successful and complete vitamin therapy. The increased availability of information on how vitamin A nutrition can benefit us is a powerful tool to help us maintain high levels of health and well-being.