About Our Brand

We offer over a hundred different vitamins and supplements for everyone from babies to adults and offer an especially large array of choices for Essential Fatty Acids. Included in those choices are our brand Livamed Vitamins and Supplements – a premium product manufactured in the USA for 13 years. 

Livamed was established in 2008 and developed our manufacturing facility into pharmaceutically registered manufacturing facility. Livamed meets stringent requirements of State and Federal FDA, which is said to be rare in the dietary supplement industry. Livamed prides itself on high standards in manufacturing. We offer full disclosure of ingredients and their sources, and test all raw material when they’re received and again before packaging. We test for freshness and purity and conduct microbiological analysis to ensure the absence of salmonella, E. coli, yeast, and molds. Our weighing system double checks all ingredients to eliminate the possibility of mixing errors, and we perform tests every half hour for product uniformity. Our  practices strictly track products and they retain all samples for a minimum of three years.

The vitamins and supplements are sold in amber-colored glass bottles to preserve freshness and ensure maximum potency, and each bottle has a complete tamper-evident sleeve to ensure consumer safety. Also, Livamed donates each year to Vitamin Angels, a nonprofit group whose mission is to get micronutrients to infants and children in need around the world — especially vitamin A, which helps children fight infectious diseases.